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Hi everyone!

I’m Dr Jennifer Davidson naturopathic physician and owner or Working class medicine, a Primary care medical office in the Kenton Neighborhood of north Portland .

This is my health and wellness blog.  It is focused on health facts and information I think most people want to know and need to know.  My philosophy is that if you want to lead a healthy life, first you’ve got to learn how, and that is not always easy.

I’ll be writing about health tips,  little known health facts you may find important, nutrition, and on occasions, some other stuff that may not fit neatly in what most people would consider a health categories.  I’ll even write sometimes about some amazing resources I have discovered.

My goal is to create content that you will find helpful as you navigate your health.  I want to fill it with information you will return to again and want to share with your friends and family.  If you are looking for an easy to digest source for health information then this is the blog for you.

I will typically post one to 2 times monthly.

I didn’t start my adult career as a Doctor.  I am a proud military veteran: I spent 10 years in the US air force as a Security Forces member.   I won’t lie and say it was all a good time, but was able to see parts of the world and the United States that I never expected to see and meet people and build relationships that I would not have otherwise had to opportunity.   I was lucky enough that while stationed in Louisiana I was  selected as the only female member of the Air Force Action Pistol (aka shooting) team, it was so much fun! I left the military because I wanted to do something more personal when I was helping people, I wanted to become a Doctor.

I have been in a great relationship for 8 years and we have 2 amazing cats together,  We also have a  garden in the front yard of the home we share in the St Johns neighborhood of North Portland; we love it here.

In my free time I love nerding out on health related information but I also love to learn new skills.  One winter I may be learning how to knit a scarf (and not doing so well) making homemade soap or how to farm tilapia.  I think my next adventure may be learning how to fish!

After leaving the military in 2009 I had another 7 years of higher education to successfully complete before earning my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

I have just recently opened my own practice in Portland Oregon called Working Class Medicine.  I really want to do what I can to make it easier for the hard working people of Portland to take care of their health.

You can contact me via email at or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Please note, I can not give medical advice or talk about your specific medical conditions over social media, for that you’re going to have to make and appointment.

Disclaimer: This is my business blog. The information that it contains is a compilation of information that I have gathered in my years studying medicine and health.  Although I will do my best to be accurate in my interpretations I can make no representation as to the accuracy, completeness, currentness (medicine changes daily) suitability (everyone is so different) or validity of any information that I may provide. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.  I will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses injuries or damages arising from its use.


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