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Working Class Medicine specializes in naturopathic health care.

We believe in informing and empowering you to be able to use real natural medicine to help attain true and lasting health.  Our aim is to improve your health care experience while helping you attain your health goals.

Our clients may either pay out-of-pocket for various tiers of service, or use Oregon Medicaid insurance.

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Currently we accept Care Oregon and American Specialty Health Insurance.

Verify with your Insurance provide to ensure coverage.

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Payment is due upon invoice.  We accept cash, check, PayPal, and major credit cards.

Because the only insurance that I currently accept is Oregon Medicaid, we will bill that insurance.  For all other insurance, we will provide a Superbill, and that you can choose to submit to your insurance company for payment.  It is your responsibility to verify that your particular form of insurances will accept and pay for treatment from Dr. Davidson at Working Class Medicine.


You can learn more about the services we offer below or contact us with any questions.

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Elimination/Reintroduction Diet Program

For people with food intolerance, GI upset, headaches, sleep and skin issues.  This is a great way to have support while participating in the GOLD STANDARD of food allergy testing.

Included in the program:

  • 3 appointments with the Doctor – (initial, midway and checkout)

  • Weigh and body fat measurment

  • Tracking of improvements/set backs

  • Membership into private Facebook group for community and Dr. Davidson will check sight daily to answer the questions that can come up.

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