Do You Know What’s Really In Your Supplements?

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2017)

Have you taken dietary supplements?

If so, you should be concerned that when tested, supplements often don’t contain exactly the same ingredients or dosages that are stated on the label.

So, how do you know the supplements that you purchase, whether its to improve your overall health, overcome a poor diet, improve your memory is of the highest quality and is what it says it is on the label?

Today, I’m going tell you how to figure that out!

You can choose to buy your vitamins from the grocery store, Costco, an online retailer or from your physician. The problem is, that you can’t necessarily tell if a vitamin is a top quality from where you buy it or by how much it costs. The good news is that you can look for products that have indications of third-party quality verification of their product on the bottle.

A good starting point is to look for a symbol that indicates National Sanitation Foundations certification or NSF certification.  With this certification, you know that this product complies with strict NSF standards, product testing, and materials analysis along with continuing on-site inspections.  This is a certification you can trust to let you know that the ingredients are present and in the quantity you expect.

USP or United States Pharmacopoeia certified products are also a great indication that the ingredients on the label are truly in the bottle in the amount specified.  Additionally, USP certified means that its free of harmful levels of certain contaminants and that it will break down in the body for absorption. is a company that does an independent side by side comparisons specific supplements.  It’s not free, but if you want a place where you can compare product quality against price this is where you can find it.

Finally, don’t forget that you can ask your healthcare provider, some such as your naturopathic physician or functional medicine practitioner can and often have experience and insight into top quality professional grade supplementation with verified ingredients.

So remember, next time you decided to buy vitamin D, don’t just go out and grab the first one you see off the drugstore shelf; first always check the label for indication of the third-party inspection such as a USP or NSF certification.  Then, for the more detailed information, you can compare products at and you can ask a medical professional.

A medical professional may also be able to tell you whether you really need to be taking all of those supplements in the first place…we’ll talk about that next time.


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