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Dr. Jennifer Davidson

Dr. Jennifer Davidson

Before You Schedule

Please take a moment, before you schedule your first appointment, to consider weather we will be a good fit.

Because a good team relationship is so important for your health, I have put some hints about the type of person who can really benefit from our working together below. Even if only one statement is true for you we would probably be a great team.

  • You want help finding the root cause of your health complaint so you can fix it.
  • You are willing to put in the required effort to support your bodies natural ability to heal and be healthy.
  • You want your doctor to really listen to your health concerns.
  • You are curious about some more natural healing therapies.
  • You have some minor health complaints that you avoid talking to your current doctor about.
  • You don’t want to be sick anymore and are looking for answers.
  • You want to avoid prescription medications when you can.
  • You are looking for a naturopathic doctor.

Although I don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with a quick-fix, we may not be the best fit if that is what you are looking for. My goal for you is to help you find and maintain lasting health, rather than hide your symptoms under a band-aid; that isn’t always possible with a quick-fix.

If you are interested in working on being a healthy, thriving human being then I think we will get along great.

Let’s work together to facilitate your excellent health.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

What To Expect 

Request a visit

Please click on link to the right that corresponds to the type of visit you are requesting. Once you request an appointment you will be sent a link to gain access to the HIPAA compliant patient portal.  Then you will be sent an appointment confirmation or an an alternative appointment time if necessary.

Through the patient portal you can:

  • Send messages to Dr. Davidson
  • Receive and submit health questionnaires and consent forms.
  • View your treatment notes and records

Please request a visits that are at least 5 days in the future.

This will increase the likelihood that you get your requested appointment time.  It also helps ensure I have time to review your case, prepare for your appointment and verify your insurance benefits.

Appointment Types


New Patient: 45-90 minutes

Select the New Patient link if  you have not yet been seen by Dr. Davidson.  This is a comprehensive visit that you can expect to be tailored to your needs and concerns. Additionally, Dr Davidson will be asking about your health history, preform physical exams as necessary and possibly order laboratory testing.  During this appointment you will discuss the possible treatment options and then you will receive a detailed and personalized treatment plan within 24 hours via the patient portal.

Follow Up: 30-45 minutes

Select Follow-Up if you have been seen by Dr. Davidson in the past.  This visit is also focuses on your specific health concerns.  Within 24 hours, you will receive a detailed and personalized treatment plan via the patient portal.

Consult:  10 minutes via phone

If you have questions about whether Dr. Davidson is that right fit for you or if she can help with your  specific case schedule a free 10 minute consult.

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