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At Working Class Medicine, we help you integrate safe and effective natural health with naturopathic medicine into your daily health practices, effectively helping you whether you are grappling with a complex chronic disease or would just like to feel a bit better.

We create a personalized wellness plan that details the best naturopathic and conventional therapies available to help improve how you feel overall with fewer side effects and better treatment outcomes.

You deserve the best in health care.

We look forward to helping you get it.

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Dr Jennifer Davidson, Naturopathic Physician and Air Force Veteran

Jennifer Davidson, N.D.


  • Health Share Oregon

  • American Specialty Health Group, INC

  • Cigna

  • Aetna Life Insurance Company (PPO; Network Access Plan)

  • Health Net Health Plan of Oregon (Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO; Benefit Plan, EPO and POS; Benefit Plan)

  • Providence Health Plan (EPO Benefit Plan, Network Access Plan, Medicaid, Preferred PPO Network Access Plan)


American Specialty health may  include plans with Aetna, Health Net and Providence Health plan.

You may contact your insurance to verify that Working Class Medicine is an authorized provider or you may contact us directly; we will do our best to work with your insurance company to verify eligibility prior to your first appointment.


An effective naturopathic and integrative medicine plan must be personalized – you should not rely on the generalized information found in books, magazines, or on the internet.  Our guidance is targeted to your specific needs because we know you are a unique individual.  We can also coordinated with your current health care team so that you are receiving the best medical care possible.

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