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Welcome to Working Class Medicine

 Working Class Medicine, a local medical practice located in North Portland. Doctor Jennifer Davidson specializes in providing personalized, proactive health care to clients who are ready to pursue true and lasting health.

Let Doctor Davidson bridge the gap to real health

Our Goals

The goal of Working Class Medicine is to help each client become a healthier version of themselves. We aim to enable each person to live a life that is free of chronic disease and full of vibrant health.

Therefore, Dr. Davidson will work with you to create a plan personally tailored to fit you, your lifestyle and your budget; A plan to help guide you back to a place of health so you can live a life closer to your dreams.

   If you are looking for a doctor who will help you gain back your health, so you can enjoy your favorite hobbies and quality time with your family and friends, then Working Class Medicine is the right place for you. 

Please watch the video below, and take some time to explore this website. Learn more about Working Class Medicine, doctor Davidson, naturopathic medicine and the services offered.

If you still have questions or you are interested in scheduling an appointment please don’t hesitate to call or email. Ten minute consults are available to see if Working Class Medicine is the right place for you.

We currently take OHP insurance.

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